Property Division

(Including Military Retirement)

Division of Property and Assets in a Divorce

Attorney Washington understands that the issues that arise from separation and/or divorce can be particularly challenging and highly contested. The Law Office of Lila E. Washington, PLLC has helped clients obtain fair division of property, assets and debts for more than thirty years.

“I am pleased by the representation of Attorney Washington. My custody and property division issues were handled well. Ms. Washington worked many hours to ensure she had all of the details needed to represent me. Her thorough and aggressive work ensured a good outcome for me. I highly recommend her”. – Angela Stewart

As one of the top divorce attorneys in the area, Attorney Washington and her staff are well-versed in the area of Property Division. Property acquired during a marriage can be extensive. Marital Property can include the following:

  • Real Estate (Primary Residence, Vacation Homes, Rental Property, Commercial Property)
  • Transportation & Recreation Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Boats, Planes, Jet Skis, RVs)
  • Personal Property (Jewelry, Family Heirlooms, Furniture, Tools, Equipment)
  • Financials Assets (Bank Accounts, Retirement Plans, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds)
  • Debt (Credit Cards, Loans, Promissory Notes)

This list is extensive and can involve the division property worth thousands of dollars. It is especially important that you hire an attorney that will effectively represent you in getting the most favorable outcome as legally possible.

Property, assets, and/or debts that were accumulated prior to the marriage is usually considered to be separate and not subject to the division. In most cases, property, assets, and/or debts accumulated after the date of separation are also considered to be separate and are not subject to division. By contrast, property, assets, and/or debts that were accumulated during the marriage in most cases, are marital property and subject to being divided by the court.

It is imperative that you consult with an experienced Fayetteville Divorce Attorney who can help you understand the legal steps you must take in order to divide your property.

Attorney Lila E. Washington has extensive knowledge of the stringent rules and laws surrounding property division and divorce in North Carolina. She also has over 30 years of legal experience helping clients protect their rights and best interests through the separation and divorce process.

“Attorney Washington is phenomenal. If I had to describe her, it would be hardworking. Her staff is professional and the office is always presentable. She is unmatched in the courtroom and truly argues for her clients’ best interest. She is hands down the best Attorney I have ever had the pleasure working with”. – Montel Williamson

Property division in North Carolina can be an extremely complicated and complex process. The Law Office of Attorney Lila E. Washington, PLLC will help you transition from this stage of life to the next by competently guiding you through the steps associated with separation and divorce.

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