Spousal Support and Alimony

The Law Office of Lila E. Washington, PLLC has helped their clients to achieve favorable outcomes for more than 30 years. Attorney Washington’s years of experience makes her one of the best Attorneys in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. She works diligently and intelligently to get you what you desire.

In the state of North Carolina, Alimony is financial assistance paid by the “supporting spouse” to the “dependent spouse”. It can be paid as a lump sum or on a continuing basis over time. In determining the amount of alimony, the court looks at several factors, such as, earning capacity, employment history, length of marriage, and the dependent spouse’s accustomed standard of living. The court can also consider the age, medical, physical and emotional conditions of both the parties. That’s why it is imperative that you hire an attorney with the legal expertise to represent you in your alimony and spousal support case.

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As one of the top divorce attorneys in the area, Attorney Washington and her staff have thorough legal expertise in the area alimony, spousal support, and post separation support. It is very important that you hire an attorney that will effectively represent you in getting the most favorable outcome as legally possible.

It is imperative that you consult with an experienced Fayetteville Divorce Attorney who can help you understand the legal steps you must take to prepare your case.

Attorney Lila E. Washington has extensive knowledge of the stringent rules and laws surrounding separation and divorce in North Carolina. She also has over 30 years of legal experience helping clients protect their rights and best interests through the separation and divorce process.

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This can be an extremely complicated and complex process. The Law Office of Attorney Lila E. Washington, PLLC will help you transition from this stage of life to the next by competently guiding you through the steps associated with separation and divorce.

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