Child Custody and Visitation

In North Carolina, the court takes into consideration many factors when deciding custody of children. These factors include the needs of the children, the family dynamics, and the cooperation and interaction the children have with the parents. Ultimately, the deciding factor hinges on what is in the best interest of the children. Depending on the circumstances, parents can be awarded:

  • Joint Custody: This type of custody arrangement typically involves both parents sharing in the decision-making process of the children, including decisions about education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities. In joint custody cases, children can either live primarily with one parent and share the remainder of their time with the other parent or children can live equally with both parents.
  • Shared Custody: This type of custody involves an arrangement wherein both parents split time with the children equally.
  • Sole Custody: This type of custody arrangement involves one parent having the total decision making responsibilities of the children. In sole custody cases, children can either live primarily with one parent, and visit the other parent, or live solely with one parent.

We believe that when parents work together to come to a collective agreement regarding child custody, both parties achieve more satisfying outcomes. However, we understand that not all decisions can be made amicably.

“Divorce is never an easy thing to happen to a person, but once it happens it brings many more problems with it especially when you have kids. I also suffered this tragic event in my life and was taken aback when my wife said that she will take the custody of our own child. But I was calmed by my lawyer from Lila Washington and they assured me that they will not let this happen and they did what they said. They are awesome people helping one to get justice in divorce and child custody matters. They help people emotionally as well while being professional inside the court”. – James Chapman

A divorce or legal separation may end the relationship you have with your spouse, but it does not end the important bond you have with your children. At the law office of Lila E. Washington, we know that as a parent, you want what is best for your children. We also realize the significance of playing a role in making decisions involving your children when it comes to custody and visitation.

Fayetteville custody attorney Lila E. Washington has helped mothers and fathers in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Cumberland County and Spring Lake, North Carolina, find fulfilling resolutions in child custody and visitation matters.

If a custody case is contested in Cumberland County, both parents are required to attend a custody mediation program before a permanent custody trial can be held. During the mediation process, a third-party mediator works collectively with both parents to develop a parenting agreement. While it is not mandatory that the parents reach an agreement, it is required that both parties attend mediation.

In addition to helping you achieve your goals and protect your children’s best interests in your custody case, our firm can help you establish a visitation schedule that allows both parents to cultivate a lasting and loving relationship with your children.

Attorney Lila E. Washington has over 30 years of legal experience helping clients protect their rights and best interests through the custody and visitation process. She can also help you modify prior custody orders and, in some cases, transfer out-of-state custody orders to North Carolina.

Divorce and child custody are a painful process. I don’t believe there is ever really a winner. Adults and kids suffer in trying to figure out best options moving forward. It takes time, patience, prayer, and understanding.

Attorney Washington has been representing me in a difficult separation and child custody case for over a year. She was referred by a friend who used her for her divorce.

I considered many but ultimately settled on Attorney Washington for a few reasons…

Her Staff – Her staff are professional, personable, caring, and friendly. From my initial phone inquiry, my in-person consultation, and up to now, they have remained the same. As the first point of contact, on many days, their kind words made a difference to me.

The Location – The practice is in downtown Fayetteville, close to lots of historic buildings, restaurants, and the courthouse – I am rather new to Fayetteville and enjoyed exploring the area. The office is also clean, comfortable and nicely decorated.

Attorney Washington has a lengthy history in the Fayetteville legal community. She is intelligent and a strong defender in the courtroom. She is firm, she is loyal, and she is very capable. Attorney Washington understands family law and the complex court system and always offers her best legal advice. I appreciate what she’s done to help me and my family navigate this process.” – Stephanie McCollum

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