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Child Custody & Visitation

A divorce or legal separation may end the relationship you have with your spouse, but it does not end the important bond you have with your children. At the law office of Lila E. Washington, we know that as a parent, you want what is best for your children. We also realize the significance of playing a role in making decisions involving your children when it comes to custody and visitation.

Fayetteville custody attorney Lila E. Washington has helped mothers and fathers in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Cumberland County and Spring Lake, North Carolina, find fulfilling resolutions in child custody and visitation matters.

In North Carolina, the court takes into consideration many factors when deciding custody of children. Theses factors include the needs of the children, the family dynamics, and the cooperation and interaction the children have with the parents. Ultimately, the deciding factor hinges on what is in the best interest of the children. Depending on the circumstances, parents can be awarded:

  • Joint Custody: This type of custody involves an arrangement where, typically, the children primarily live with one parent and visit the other parent. It also involves joint decision-making and information sharing between the parents.
  • Shared Custody: This type of custody involves an arrangement wherein both parents split time with the children equally.
  • Sole Custody: This type of custody involves one parent being awarded complete custody and sole decision-making authority over the children.

We believe that when parents work together to come to a collective agreement regarding child custody, both parties achieve more satisfying outcomes. However, we understand that not all decisions can be made amicably.

If a custody case is contested in Cumberland County, both parents are required to attend a custody mediation program before a permanent order can be processed. During the mediation process, a third-party mediator works collectively with both parents in an attempt to develop a parenting agreement. While it is not mandatory that the parents reach an agreement, it is required that both parties attend mediation.

In addition to helping you achieve your goals and protect your children’s best interests in your custody case, our firm can help you establish a visitation schedule that allows both parents to cultivate a lasting and loving relationship with your children.

Fayetteville Divorce Attorney Lila E. Washington has nearly 30 years of legal experience helping clients protect their rights and best interests through the custody and visitation process. We can also help you modify prior custody orders and in some cases, transfer out-of-state custody orders to North Carolina.

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